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U Černé Matky Boží house

A merchant F. J. Herbst ordered to build this house in 1912 by the project of Josefa Gočára. It is a house built in cubistic style which is supposed to be the only Czech original style. It kept the exterior only during the 20. century because the interiors always changed by the owner´s will. The interiors were reconstructed in 1993 - 1994 and got again its cubistic character.


Folly Hvězda, Royal park

You will find the entrance to the Royal park after 5 minutes walk form our pension. You will get to the Hvězda Folly in 20 minutes of chill-out walking. The Hvězda Folly is one of a few Renaissance buildings in Prague and is very unusual for its horizontal projection of a hexagram. If you searched for more interesting objects in Hvězda folly, you would find for example monumental 3D plan of the Bílá Hora battle in 1620..


Mirror labyrinth

Hardly anyone notices an inconspicuous building few meters far form Petřín lookout tower. Huge number of mirrors all around you makes a perfect illusion. We recommend.


Palace gardens under Prague castle

The Prague castle is visited by many and many people every year but palace gardens are usually almost empty. You would find the entrance to the gardens in Valdšejnská street that starts at Malostranská tram stop.

We can find 5 terraced gardens under Prague castle. They are called: Ledeburská, Malá Pálffyovská, Velká Pálffyovská, Kolowratská a Malá Fürstenberská. Many arbours, benches and flowers dulcify this lovely relaxing palce.


Břevnov monastery

In few minutes from our pension will you get to Saint Markéta´s church in Břevnov monastery. All the monastery complex is very nice in any season. We especially recommend summer walks in the gardens.